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Buying a Country Property in Tzaneen

In our beautiful province of Limpopo, South Africa is a small town known as Tzaneen – the name, loosely translated, means “gathering place”. Tzaneen is nestled in the Olifants Valley, about 420 km away from Johannesburg, which is the provincial capital of Gauteng and the largest city in South Africa. 420 km’s away, but a world’s distance in terms of beauty and quality of life – Tzaneen offers fertile land - ideal for agri-business, parks, and game reserves – and slow-paced country life. 


The population of Tzaneen is approximately 80 000, and if you include the surrounding areas the population is well over 650 000 residents. The climate ranges between tropical and sub-tropical and Tzaneen lies in the richest fruit-producing region in the Southern Hemisphere: avocados, mangos, bananas, macadamia nuts – even coffee – are plentiful. Summer in Tzaneen is from September to March with long, hot days with high rainfall while the winters are pleasantly cool because of the subtropical conditions and dense forests. 


The main occupations of most residents consist of either working the land, being engaged in nature conservation and eco-tourism in game reserves, working lumber and sawmills, or anything else related to the tourism side of Tzaneen like the Tzaneen Dam and Tzaneen tea estate. 

In some parts of Tzaneen, you’ll enjoy a wonderful scent of eucalyptus and pine. There are several plantations in the area and it lends a unique natural breeze to the town: a simply wonderful sensual experience. 

Tzaneen is also quite close to the Kruger National Park which is about 100km away from the town and a pleasant excursion for anyone wanting to visit this national landmark. 

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Although it is described as a small town in relation to the rest of South Africa, residents prefer Tzaneen to be referred to as a garden town. Tzaneen is actually quite large, and is the second biggest town in Mopani district. You’ll find it at the foot of the Wolkberg Mountains, and it is called the “Valley of the Olifants” – the Olifants River being the longest and largest river in Limpopo Province. It’s approximately 560 km long and ends in Mozambique. It has magnificent rapids and shallow waters throughout its length and is a source of irrigation - the reason why the land in Tzaneen is so fertile. Owing to its natural beauty and peaceful surrounds, many South Africans are keen to find out about property for sale in Tzaneen, and this is also the reason that Century 21 Tzaneen has set up shop in this beautiful little hamlet. 

Some local attractions include The Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, and Tzaneen residents are very proud of this Sanctuary, built in 1993 to protect the monkeys of South Africa. It’s a wondrous place where monkeys can live in peace without having to scamper away from their biggest threat – human predators. 

Residents pitch in as volunteers or contribute time and money, and the sanctuary provides entertainment and hospitality for volunteers from foreign countries. The sanctuary has been a source of interest to people on a global scale, and it has aided the Tzaneen economy by bringing in precious foreign funds. 

Tzaneen has a wealth of excellent doctors and business people, and local entrepreneurs are setting up shop in Tzaneen to cater for the influx of visitors to the sanctuary and various other tourist attractions. The monkey sanctuary, along with other destinations in Tzaneen, has helped prop up the economy of the town and bring it into the 21ST CENTURY. There are supermarkets, clinics, medical facilities, restaurants, bars, and internet cafes around the town, and services are generally excellent. 


Although a relatively small garden town, Tzaneen is well equipped with modern amenities. The town enjoys all the creature comforts of the 21st CENTURY, and if you find yourself needing anything - from kitchen appliances to quality and scrumptious snacks - the Tzaneen Mall on Danie Joubert Street is bound to have what you’re looking for.