Employment Options in Tzaneen

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Probably the first thing people think of when they consider moving to the country or a small town is: "what am I going to do for work?" 

These days, finding work in country towns or regional areas is not so difficult. Many towns are growing and with this growth comes improved infrastructure and therefore many more job opportunities. 

There are many options available to you including:

  • Self employment

  • Small community services

  • Farming

  • Retail

  • Tourism / Hospitality

  • Trades

Self Employment 

This can include internet businesses, pet grooming services, a corner store, eBay businesses and more. The limit is your imagination but you should be aware that it is entirely possible to run your own business in the country! Tzaneen has a thriving central business district, and is one of the fastest developing towns in South Africa. 

Small Community Services 

Put your philanthropic ideals into practice. Help with the elderly, the youth, at schools and orphanages. South Africa requires community services of all types, and the government is anxious to sponsor such endeavours. All of these jobs contribute to the spirit of the local community. 


If farming is in your blood, Tzaneen is the perfect location to either purchase a farm, or to look for gainful employment at one of the commercial farms in the area. Westphalia and ZZ2 are two of the biggest avocado and tomato farms in the Southern Hemisphere, and reside within the Tzaneen Municipal District. 

Retail & Franchise Opportunities 

Do your research and open a retail store, a restaurant or a franchise in Tzaneen, one of the fastest developing towns in South Africa. The recently-built Tzaneen Lifestyle Mall offers modern shopping and a wide range of retail shopping to discerning customers. There are also numerous timber mills in the area and selling furniture and home accessories made from local wood and products is a good option. Alternatively, you could look for gainful employment at one of the numerous retail outlets in Tzaneen. 

Tourism / Hospitality 

Tzaneen is a tourist hotspot and there are numerous opportunities to create businesses from this lucrative industry. Bed and Breakfast establishments, farm stalls, art & craft centres, festivals and other tourist attractions - these facilities provide excellent work opportunities that are often very lucrative. Trades 

Tzaneen is in need good plumbers, electricians, mechanics and other skilled trade workers. If you are a qualified tradesman then you should have no trouble at all finding work. 


Limpopo Government offers grants to people who establish “green” businesses: vermin-culture, aqua-culture, solar energy – these are just a few of the options available to those wishing to create sustainable business ventures. 

The examples above are just a few of the many employment options available to you if you are thinking about moving to Tzaneen. 

CENTURY 21 Tzaneen Properties can assist you with purchasing a business or commercial property, or renting both commercial and retail property in Tzaneen.

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