Tzaneen offers a wealth of activities and events, such as:

The Ebenezer Mile Swim

This event is held by the Rotary Club of Haenertsburg in the Ebenezer Dam in Tzaneen. It’s officially sanctioned by Swimming South Africa, and held every March. There are two main swim events: the 1609 meters and the 3000 meters races. Participants take the swim meet very seriously and strenuously prepare by training all year round. It’s a national tournament which means there are points to earn. Age categories start from 13 and under, and go all the way up to 31 years and older. All age categories include both, male and female, participants. The Ebenezer Dam is treated all year round and certified to be parasite-free.

The Bathroom Bizarre Tzaneen Rally

The Bathroom Bizarre is a car rally raced on private roads in Tzaneen. This year it was held in May and covers a distance of 188 kilometres in several stages. It doesn’t always take place every year because sometimes there are not enough entries. The minimum number of entrants needed to hold the rally is 30 cars.

The Kiwi Festival

Kiwis are the fruit of Tzaneen. They took the roundabout route from New Zealand via China before being planted in Tzaneen; or more specifically, in the village of Haenertsburg. The event is a 2 day affair, usually in April when it is cool. Residents and visitors get a chance to visit a kiwi farm, taste the fruit and its by-products and just enjoy the company and mini events. One of these events is a cook-off with kiwi as one of the ingredients.

The Letaba Expo

This is an agricultural show similar to a county fair in the U.S. There are animal shows and competitions, rugby, sports, arts and craft, shows, food and entertainment. In 201l, the Letaba Expo had a beer garden, singing contest, logging game, magic show, wine tasting, clay pigeon shooting, and live bands. It was held in September and was a stirring success!

The Spring Opener Marathon

Usually held in July, this marathon starts from the country club of Tzaneen and has several events: a 5km (which is a Fun Run), a 10km, a 21.1km (half marathon), and a 32 kilometre run. It’s a beautiful run around the dam and jetty, and is more of a friendly competition than anything else.

As you can see, Tzaneen is bursting at the seams with so much happening all year round and the sense of community is so strong that everyone pitches in to help. Tzaneen is the 2nd largest town in the province of Limpopo, and has over 80 000 inhabitants. Fun can also be found in the diversity of the different personalities and characters living in Tzaneen.

Other Places of Interest

There is more to Tzaneen than annual events. There are places that the residents have taken under their wing and protected like the Tzaneen Museum, the Tzaneen Dam, the Cheerios Garden, and the King Walden’s garden in Agatha.