Tzaneen Economy

Tzaneen’s local economy is robust: tourism is a major draw-card, and the area abounds with Nature Reserves and nature activities to suit all tastes and ages. Tzaneen is only an hour from the Kruger National Park, so loads of tourists pass through this way on route to the park. The natural beauty of the area also attracts increasing numbers of visitors ensuring demand for B&B's while other drivers of the property market are the influx of more Government employees, general business investment such as the new SA Breweries distribution warehouse and the growth of service industries such as banks and retailers.

In terms of agriculture and agricultural production, Tzaneen and the surrounding area produce citrus, avocados, pecan nuts and other products for local and export markets, generating wealth for the area in the process.

For elderly people and retirees, Tzaneen and surrounding areas have also emerged as a haven with the recent building of a new private hospital. A trend called “semigration” is also rapidly gaining ground in Tzaneen – people are moving from the hustle and bustle and endless traffic jams in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for a relaxing, laid back life in a rural ‘dorp’ – and Tzaneen provides the perfect setting for just such a move, bringing with them expertise, capital for small businesses and property buying power.

As for property values, a moratorium on new development has kicked in to allow service capacities to catch up with demand and a shortage of property is bound to follow once existing approved developments have worked its way through the system. The value of existing stock will benefit in the meanwhile, creating opportunities for investors including buy-to-let investors.

The current rental market is very active, courtesy of the impact of the National Credit Act and interest rate increases which have made rental a necessity for people who would otherwise have been property buyers.

Tzaneen definitely offers an alternative to city living, where people can still make an income and benefit from country life.